Grand Canyon National Park

So much has been written about the Grand Canyon that I don’t know where to start. It’s grand. It’s a canyon. The crowds at the south rim are crazy. I mean really crazy. Traffic jam crazy. Try the north rim. Less than 10% of visitors make it there. But it has the same views, just from the other side of the canyon. And a gorgeous lodge where you can sit and watch the thunderstorms roll in, even if you’re not staying there. And great rim trails. And a really nice campground, that sometimes has spaces in the summer even without reservations.

My favorite things to do here

  • Spending time at the North Rim
  • The Bright Angel trail

Things I want to come back to do

  • Helicopter Tour
  • Ride the rapids
  • Hike from the north to the south rim via bright angel canyon and Phantom Ranch

Fun Facts

  • Featured in the movie “Thelma and Louise”

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