The National Parks Annual Pass

Are you going to be visiting a lot of National Parks this year? Then buy a National Parks Pass! It’s $80 – but well worth it if you will visit many parks.

For instance, did you know it costs $25 to visit Yellowstone?  $25 for the Grand Canyon. $25 for Bryce Canyon. $15 for the Badlands. $20 for Acadia. See how it can add up?

Now granted, some parks are much cheaper (Steamtown National Historic Site – $6 per person) and many are free (Such as Women’s Rights National Historical Park), but I buy one of these every year since (a) I visit a LOT of parks and (b) it supports the National Park Service, and god knows they need the money. 

Ok, so you’re sold right? A couple of caveats. One- it’s good for only 4 adults (and their kids) and you need to sign the back and they often check ID . Two – it doesn’t work EVERYWHERE (some parks claim to be FREE, and then charge for PARKING, such as Mt. Rushmore National Memorial – $10 to park). Other parks are free, but you have to pay money for tours (Such as at Mammoth Cave National Park).

Also worth mentioning – if you are 62 or older you can get a senior pass for $10 – and it is GOOD FOR LIFE! Also if you have documentation of a permanent disability, you can get lifetime access pass for FREE.

So the bottom line is, if you travel a lot, you can save money with the America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass. 

You can pick one up at most National Park Sites (although some of them won’t let you use a credit card to purchase).

You can also pick one up online at Be sure you don’t buy here if you have a current pass, , until it expires, because Amazon will punch a hole in the current month when you buy it – just like when you buy it in person).

And one more note: if you are going to buy one from Amazon, please use one of the links on this page. That way, I will get a commission. And I promise I will use any money earned to visit more National Park Service Sites!