Guidelines for Comments

So I’ve had my say on each of the parks, and now you can have yours. I am hoping after reading about some of these parks, that you will be inspired to share your experiences and tips here.

It’s really easy to do. At the bottom of every park listing, you’ll see an area to type your name, email address, and a comment. Just fill that out (or paste some text into it) and hit “add your reply”. The comment will be reviewed, and then posted soon thereafter (your email address will not show up). That’s how easy it is!

If you think you are going to be posting a lot of comments on different parks (and I hope you are) you may find it useful to register on the site (although you certainly don’t HAVE to). This will allow you to comment without typing your name and email each time. Just look at the lower right hand side of the page under the sidebar, and you will see an entry called “Site Tools”. Just click ‘register’ and fill out the information. The site will send you a email so you can confirm it, and then you will receive a password. From that point forward, you can simply log in with your username and password – from the “Log in” button in the “site tools” section. Some browsers will even remember your password, and keep you logged in.

Ok, so that’s the how. Now the what. Or the “rules”. All parks have em, so we will to.

  • This is a family friendly site. Please, no profanity, overt reverences to the acts of copulation, drug use, illegal activities, etc.
  • This is not a place to discuss park policy (a good place to do that is National Parks Traveler).
  • This is not a place to argue about politics and religion. There are plenty of other places on the internet to do that.
  • If something negative happened to you in a park, it’s fine to share it, but please stay respectful and polite. 
  • Libelous, slanderous, racist, classist, anything-elseist, will not be approved
  • Please limit your comments to the English language. I don’t have the ability to read other languages, and won’t be able to approve posts that are in such.
  • It’s ok to provide links to other sites, but commercial messages (SPAM) will be removed.