Acadia National Park

I’ve been to this park two times, and feel like I’ve seen totally different things each time. The mix of rugged coast and tall mountains provides a contrast, and a massive variety of things to do.

This park boasts one of the nicer Campgrounds I’ve been to in a NPS site, probably because they were rebuilt around 2005. It can be a bit hard to find the campground, since there are some one way roads in that area, so be sure to get a map and guide when you arrive at the Thompson Island Information Center.

My favorite things to do here

  • Hiking up Cadillac Mountain
  • Spending the day watching the waves at Sand Beach
  • Hiking south along the cliffside trail from Sand Beach
  • Hiking the trail around Jordan Pond
  • Having lunch outdoors at the Jordan Pond House

Things I’d come back to do

  • Visit Scoodic Peninsula
  • Visit Isle au Haut
  • Take a ferry to the Cranberry Islands
  • Ride the carriage trails on a bike

Fun Facts

  • Created by Woodrow Wilson in 1916
  • Has had 2 other names, Sieur de Monts National Park, and Lafayette National Park

National Park Service Website:

National Park Service Map: